Solrise Finance is a non-custodial digital asset management platform built on Solana.
Anyone can permissionlessly create or invest in a Solrise fund and Solrise itself never has access to your capital. The protocol facilitates the management of investors' funds on Solana and the investment can be withdrawn at any time.

Managers can:

Investors can:

  • Freely invest into or withdraw from any Solrise fund at any time.
  • Potentially gain exposure to superior risk-adjusted returns on their capital.
  • Base investment decisions on standardized historical metrics across all funds.

Bigger Picture

Solrise is building a suite of on-chain financial products that give investors the ability to securely manage digital assets on Solana, the world’s highest performing blockchain. Currently, the product line consists of Solflare, Solrise Finance, and the Pulse DEX. There is also a 24/7 support chat and a growing compendium of blockchain based knowledge in the forms of articles, guides, and courses in Solflare's Knowledge Base. Solrise's utility token, $SLRS, can be utilized for reduced fees across the ecosystem.
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