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The vision of Solrise FInance.
Solrise is inspired by the visceral need for financial freedom.
Looking at the world today, we are in a golden age of finance. We are at the tail end of a process of opening and enlarging the financial service industry that has lasted several decades, creating a boom of unprecedented wealth. Stock markets in most countries are at all time highs, companies are growing fast, reporting record profits, and the world is increasingly connected. Increasing pace of technological development, automation of production - all this and more has made the world’s goods cheap and plentiful, and services more accessible than ever before in human history. It would seem that global society is on the brink of that shining city on the hill, a kind of dreamy utopia meeting both the needs of the many and the wants of the few.
But this is not the case.
Following the meteoric rise of financial markets and production, another gap was widening - the gap between the rich and the poor. The miracle of wealth creation of the new century was trapped by the legacy of the financial and monetary systems put in place decades ago. Money was not free, it was trapped in the hedge maze of funds, financiers, big banks. The markets of old operate still on the basis of middle-men and insiders, on backroom deals where you win before you start, and once you do you are then too big to fail. Financial empires of today are built on restricted access and inefficiency, supported by kingmaking regulation. The system as it is is bloated, slow and outright hostile to innovation and inclusion.
Simply put, money is not free.
Crypto as a phenomenon was a necessary response to the pressures and contradictions of this wrapped system. Starting with Bitcoin, we have gained the first truly free money - trustless, with no need for issuers and middlemen, available to anyone. DeFi was the next logical step, the vanguard financial playground for crypto nerds to play with and experiment replacing the cornerstone fundamentals of finance with money legos - for fun and profit. But fostering the growth of this new financial garden is not easy. It is rife with the same traps and pitfalls that faced the burgeoning of legacy finance - lack of knowledge, lack of access, lack of speed. The tech advances of blockchain until now, although admirable, are not enough to service the many who need to use it. DeFi of today, accessible by all, is built for insiders who know how to play the game of uncertainty, who know how to brave unstable tech, large fees and strange economics to turn a profit.
We aim to change that.
Solrise wants to be the protocol to free money for the benefit of everyone. Technological innovation has enabled what many would brand a more “democratized” vision of finance - but in name only. Legacy players are not really interested in innovation in this space. Neither access nor fairness are their top priority - as was observed by the massive Robinhood scandal. “Retail” investors seem to only be good as fodder for established players, and little else. DeFi is the step in the right direction - but only the first step. What Solrise aims to accomplish is to take the true crypto vision further - to truly put the user first. We want to enable everyone to invest and manage their money in a way they can clearly understand, without technology getting in the way. We want to minimize the amount of trust required in the protocol, so that everyone has a fair chance and ultimate control of their assets, and so that they are empowered to make the kind of decisions without having to worry about theft, mismanagement or lack of transparency. Ultimately, we would like to build Solrise for everyone, regardless of financial savvy or interest - to free the billions of trapped value sitting idle and to help create a healthier, more inclusive financial world.
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