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Investing in Funds
How to invest in funds during DAWN 2
You can deposit up to 200 USDC to your treasury. Treasury is where you keep your crypto assets on the platform. It's an intermediary step between your wallet and your investments. Your treasury is completely in your custody and you can withdraw assets to your wallet once DAWN 2 Phase 1 is finished!
You can invest from the treasury in any amount of active funds during the competition with any amount of available USDC, including your own managed fund. You can also choose to exit from a fund at any time.
NOTE: Early exit from a fund (in less than 24h) will incur a higher than normal exit fee.
You can choose a fund you want to invest in by browsing the Explore page, or by checking out the DAWN 2 Leaderboard. Once you select the fund page, you will be able to see the composition of the fund (current and over time) as well as performance. You can choose to invest in the fund by clicking on the Invest button in the upper right hand corner.
Once you've determined you want to invest in a fund, you can proceed. You will see an Invest button in the upper right hand side of the page. You can now choose how much USDC you want to invest in the selected fund. Once you confirm, you will need to approve the transaction in your wallet.
If you want to exit from one of the funds that you have invested in, you can do so at any time. Simply navigate to the fund page and click on the Exit button in the upper right corner and follow the exit steps. You will be prompted to approve multiple transactions so make sure to have some SOL available in your wallet.
By exiting you will receive tokens in the current composition of fund assets with USDC value equivalent to your share in the fund at that time, less the exit and performance fees.
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