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Managing Investment Funds
How to manage your investment fund in Solrise.
As a fund manager, your goal in the competition is to balance the asset allocations in the fund to get the best performance. You can invest in any asset that has been selected for the competition.
IMPORTANT: You can have up to 7 different assets (tokens) in your fund portfolio.
As a fund manager when viewing your fund you can click the Swap button to select the Swap page.

Swapping Assets

Swaps are your main tool. They allow you to instantly exchange an amount of one asset in your portfolio for the equivalent value of another at the current Serum DEX market price, less the slippage (slippage tolerance is set by clicking the options icon).
IMPORTANT: As a manager it is your responsibility to pay for all transaction fees. Make sure you have some SOL in your wallet! None of the transaction fees are paid with fund assets or from the treasury.
After you pick the asset to swap from and the amount (you can enter it manually, choose a percentage of your balance or Max), you can pick the asset to swap into.
Swap form
If an asset is not set up it will be colored white. You must first perform a setup transaction by clicking the Setup button. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction in your wallet. You need to do the setup transaction each time you add a new asset type to your portfolio.
If the asset you want to swap into is set up (or if you have competed the previous step) it will be colored gold. You will see how many tokens you will receive by performing this swap. You can type in the amount, use a percentage, or select Max. If you are satisfied with the swap result, simply click the Swap button. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Once the swap is complete, you should see your portfolio change accordingly.
Fund portfolio
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