Reasons to use Solrise Funds
  • Yield Crisis - The current investment landscape is starved for higher risk-adjusted returns. Inflation is far higher than traditional savings accounts and bonds are offering.
  • Non-Custodial - Previous and existing investment platforms have played fast and loose with user capital. We want users to fully retain ownership of their assets - so that neither the protocol nor fund managers can withdraw without permission.
  • Democratization and Access - Managing money in a secure way has been a business reserved for insiders. We want to let anyone have a shot at creating or investing in a fund - fostering healthy competition in the space and onboarding the next generation of investors to Solana.
  • Gateway to Solana's DeFi Ecosystem - Solana is capable of enabling protocols to do things impossible or infeasible on other chains. Solrise managers will have direct access to these capabilities.
  • Every Asset On-Chain - It is not a given but it is likely that all assets will be on-chain at some point, giving Solrise managers investment opportunities like you wouldn't believe. Wen Solrise real estate funds?
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