Solrise Finance is a Solana-based protocol for decentralized, non-custodial asset management. Solrise allows anyone to create, manage or invest in a managed portfolio of native and synthetic assets. We decided to build Solrise on Solana, a fast, DeFi-friendly blockchain with a focus on scalability, because we believe it offers the right balance of security, speed and ease of use.
‌DeFi presents users with a whole universe of opportunities for investment, but the same attributes that allow those opportunities to exist also make it difficult and daunting for the average user to take advantage of them. We want to improve the experience for those looking to allocate capital, and believe that an open, permissionless and transparent platform can serve the needs of both experienced users looking for a more streamlined approach to portfolio management and novices more interested in a passive managed strategy.
Solrise will allow any third party manager to create and provide actively managed funds or passive, automated investment pools, allowing users to participate in a variety of different assets and protocols, both Solana native and off-chain. We aim to make the experience of using the Solrise platform akin to using a first-class centralized investment app, while staying aligned with the core ideals of DeFi by ensuring that fund management remains totally non-custodial. We want users to be secure in the knowledge that their funds are safe.
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