Solrise Finance
  • Yield crisis - The current investment landscape is starved for lower risk yield. It is difficult to find investment vehicles that are not being pushed along the risk curve - banks are offering zero interest rates, bond yields are slowly turning negative, equities are valued at all-time highs. Solrise can help users gain attractive risk-adjusted returns, hassle-free.
  • Non-custodial - Existing investment platforms have played fast and loose with user capital. We want users to fully retain ownership of their assets - so that neither the protocol nor fund managers can withdraw without permission.
  • Democratization and access - Managing money in a secure way was a business reserved for insiders. We want to let anyone have a shot at creating or investing in a fund - fostering healthy competition in the space.
  • Gateway to DeFi - DeFi allows for a diverse garden of protocols and platforms across many blockchains. This diversity is a boon for the space, but it makes it hard for users and managers to keep track of their positions and profits. We aim to integrate the best in class of DeFi (both Solana on-chain and via cross-chain bridges) with Solrise through a generic investment interface.
  • Every asset on-chain - we strongly believe that, given time, every asset and asset class will be available on blockchain in some form.
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