Use Cases
Users will be able to compare different investment funds offered by third party managers on Solrise based on transparent, understandable and objective metrics and find the one that suits their risk profile. They can then pick and choose the fund or vehicle that focuses on different aspects of the market (different token portfolios, NFTs, synthetic assets, or different balances).
Established users and insiders are used to being bombarded with questions about how to “get started in crypto”, but this knowledge transfer does not scale. The core idea of Solrise is to create a multi-sided market for investment knowledge - one where many users can benefit from the expertise of fund managers, quants and market leaders.
DeFi experts will be able to share expertise with their friends, family or community of choice by setting up a fund both public or private. Regular users that want to have a start in the crypto market can look for a fund on Solrise and invest into people they trust, with the knowledge that their assets are safe from any risk of misconduct.
Every fund can have a different overall investment strategy and can deploy capital to various assets:
  • A risk minimized index following blue-chip crypto assets and of stable coins
  • A liquidity pool fund to provide liquidity across different pools and protocols
  • An NFT fund focusing on shares of one (or more) NFTs
  • A value fund looking to make early, medium to long-term investments into undervalued assets
  • A macro fund looking to invest into commodities and forex through synthetics
  • A fund investing in animal based tokens, mainly dogs
  • And much more.
Last modified 5mo ago
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